10 Cute Cats wearing Bow Ties...You're Welcome!

I regularly look through my various pet customer pics, they each make me smile and often brighten my day. Seeing your Cats and Dogs wearing the knitted Bow Ties I made especially for them is a true delight and one I think I should share. So prepare to smile and maybe bookmark this post for those days when you need a bit of dapper feline energy to brighten up the day.

First up, leading the charge we have the Mascat official, the inspiration behind Wool & Whiskers and all the Cat Bow Tie designs, Mr Cooper! Being an absolute dreamboat (and knowing it) while wearing the new Bright Red Cat Bow Tie from the RainBOW collection for both Cats and Dogs.

Next, and this may come as no surprise...is a French Cat or Chat should I say...I do not know his name but my goodness do I enjoy his personality conveyed, and I think we can all agree when I say, purrfectly with the Orange Cat Bow Tie

Then we have Ceefa Cat, beautifully sporting the PRIDE/Rainbow Cat Bow Tie on the side like the coquettish and dandy gent I am led to believe he is. He owns a couple of Wool & Whiskers Cat Bow Ties and always looks a dream in every picture I see.

This is Wolfie, a Norwegian Forest Cat who is a big fella, so big in fact that his Bow Tie is actually the Small - Medium Dog size but with the same size attachment for his Cat Collar. What a smouldering gent he is.

Alas I do not know this furbaby's name having been sent this pic by a customer who found me selling at a market but I do know they look a dapper dream! They are wearing the now sold out Red Mix Bow Tie which has now been replaced with the Ruby Red Mix version...although at the time of typing, there are not too many left of this edition either (I only make 25 of each design).

This beautifully mustachioed chum is called Tybalt and he is owned by an Actor and Milliner in the UK. I am a sucker for a Bow Tie on a Tuxedo cat...who isn't??

Cat in a Purple Bow Tie

Another mysterious feline with serious style but I like to think they are a cat version of Bond, he looks so sophistiCATed. The Bow Tie being worn in such style was a one off I made for a market but I do now have a beautiful Bright Purple Cat Bow Tie as part of the RainBOW Tie collection.

Siamese Cat wearing a Pink Bowtie

This is Luna, one of my very first cat customers...what a beauty she is! She kindly helped test some of my early design drafts along with many other cats and dogs to ensure they were comfortable for furbabies to wear as well as adorable. Although this Pink Bow Tie is no longer available there is a gorgeous selection of colours to choose from.

Black Cat Bow Tie

Mr Wilson, what a dapper cat. This Black Cat Bow Tie was bought for this tabby gent by his designer maker Cat Mum. This picture never fails to make me smile. It shows his personality in a new and smile sparking way and also showcases how comfortable my Cat Bow Ties are for my cat customers. To be honest with you, they never know they have them clipped around their collars...there were many, many design drafts to ensure that.

So there we have it, not a top 10 (who could rate these cat cuties!?) but some real favourites from over the years. You can see plenty more Bow Tie adorned Cats and Dogs on my Pets with Personality Gallery page and of course you can find all my Cat and Dog Bow Ties available to order right here via the dropdown menus above. You can also find my handmade to order Catnip Toys for those feline family members that don't tolerate a collar.

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