Alice on Jonathan Creek, BBC1 wearing Wool & Water!

 In case you're not a major Jonathan Creek fan and missed the episode last Friday 28th March, you won't have seen me, playing Rachel (I got all the fun stuff to do) and wearing not one but TWO bespoke Wool & water scarves I knitted for my character.

The costume department wanted my character, Rachel in scarves and so kindly let me design and knit up two. On inspection with the full outfits, they were happy and so, they were worn on screen! Very exciting moment for me, to combine my two loves!

A make up artist fell in love with the blue/green one so she bought it and I took home the taupe one, which I've been wearing a lot of. Both were knitted in 100% lambswool so were super soft and warm - very handy in one particular scene which was a long night shoot in East London! 

Here's a little selection of scarf views from the show....


Should you fancy seeing the whole episode, The Letter's of Septimus Noone, and the scarves in action (and me) then you can still catch it on the BBC iPlayer until Friday 7th March.

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