Curious Conversation #1: Hannah McDonald, Illustrator

Hannah McDonald Illustrator

Every Thursday I chat LIVE on Instagram with someone I find interesting and/or inspiring from my garden studio in Amsterdam. It is a new IGTV series called 'Curious Conversations'. The series celebrates conversation and the many curious, creative connections that can come from it.

I make wearable conversation starters, handmade, knitted Bow Ties, Suspenders, Ties and Bow Tie Pins. They are unique, limited edition pieces. Wearing them guarantees to not only serve as the perfect non-verbal self-expression but they  spark conversation, with a kindred spirit or with someone whose path you may have never crossed, opening the door for a genuine connection with, in whatever form that may take.

I started this new series re-visiting many of the fascinating people I interviewed for The Curious Interview series, which you can find and read on this same blog. I was delighted that Amsterdam based Illustrator Hannah McDonald joined me for my very first Curious Conversation especially as she was wearing her W&W Pride Bow Tie Pin for it! I have shared the chat in its entirety below and you can read her original interview here


My future guests may be creative or may simply have a different perspective on life to share with me. I invite you to join us as we chat together and welcome you to share your thoughts and comments with us. You can find when my next one is and who it is with via my social media platforms.

Hannah is wearing a pair of Wool & Water Knitted Suspenders (Bretels) in the original interview imagery.

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