Dogs in Bow Ties on Birthday Cards!

Pawsome Card

I have made Greetings Cards! After so many requests from customers at markets over the years and then some much appreciated nudging from a friend and fellow designer-maker (the lovely Andy aka Unruly Print and the founder of the superb online craft market Makers Market From Home), I took the plunge and did it!

After checking with my lovely photographer friends who actually took the imagery on both shoots (Mark Kenny and Arthur Wilson),  I set about to create a small range of Birthday and Friendship/Love cards to try out.

 Dog Birthday Card

I uploaded my designs to a third party website, Thortful. The UK's first online card marketplace hosting greetings card designs from a wide variety of artists and creators (yes they ship worldwide). I have 5 slots initially, and depending on how they do, I will hopefully be granted I can try out some other ideas.

Currently there are 4 designs available to order, all featuring gorgeous dogs in Wool & Whiskers Bow Wow Ties, I will be adding a 5th 'Con-Cat-ulations' design imminently...just deciding whether this will feature a Bow Tie adorned Gary or Cooper!

Friendship Dog Card

So should you have a devoted Dog Mama / Cat Lady / Fur Baby Appreciator friend or family member who you think would appreciate some happy (and furry) dapper post. And should you fancy letting them know how special they are, or maybe wish them a Happy Birthday - please do have a look here and see if any fit the bill.

As the creator I receive a small slice of the sale price via Thortful (£0.30-0.50 per card as they do the sale, printing and shipping) but if they do well I will definitely consider adding some new designs to my website here (and any future markets in a world where that is possible again).

I hope they make you 'awww' or spark a smile - that is the intention after all!

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