How to Style Your Suspenders

Black Man in Blue Suspenders


Suspenders (otherwise known as Braces, Bretels and Bretelles) are some of my most popular pieces but some people still think they can only be worn at formal, Shirt and Tie style events.

I hand make every pair of Suspenders to order, they are knitted in Cotton and Elastic before being constructed and sewn by hand. Wool & Water Suspenders take a long time to make, they are made to last and to be worn and enjoyed, not just for formal occasions.

So I am going to show you a range of people, men and women and how they chose to style the Suspenders I make in an everyday, curious and creative style which gives so many more options.

Take Film Director Prano Bailey Bond for example, she styles her Red Suspenders with a cropped black and white striped t-shirt and fitted black skirt. It would be a nice outfit without the Suspenders but by adding them, they elevate the look into something head turning, memorable and full of personality. 

Prano Bailey Bond wearing Red Braces

Next we have actor, writer and producer Ryan Sampson pairing his Blue Suspenders with a classic white tee and black trousers. This look is classic and yet contemporary, there is a touch of the Brandos going on while still keeping it fresh and relevant.

Ryan Sampson wearing Blue Suspenders

Amsterdam based British illustrator Hannah McDonald styles her Pink Suspenders with a loose cotton top, blue jeans and silver shoes. This is effortless styling, despite no loud statements being made, Hannah's creative personality shines through in her collective style choices.

Hannah McDonald in Pink Suspenders

Maybe you love wearing Shirts and Ties - I hear you, I see you! Even styling Suspenders with a Shirt and Tie doesn't have to be uncomfortable to wear. Here's playwright Robert Alan Evans - he paired his Blue Suspenders (or Blauw Bretels) with a casual, short sleeved shirt (loving the peek of white tee underneath) and Tie, along with a leather belt and well loved blue jeans. The result is cool, creative and uniquely personal. He is wearing the Suspenders, not the other way around and most importantly, he looks like him. I know I would be curious about who this man is and what he is about based on his style choices.

Writer wearing Blue Suspenders and Tie

When choosing shirts to pair with your Suspenders, why not consider those with prints or colours other than white. It can be a really nice way to make a shirt look less formal and another way to express your personality.

Here are a few more style ideas for you to consider, including some more formally styled looks. If you have have a pair of Wool & Water Suspenders and you style them your way, tag me, send me a picture. I would love to see and celebrate how you wear your Suspenders with individual style!

Shirts and Suspender Style

So should you choose to treat yourself and your wardrobe to a pair of limited edition Suspenders, don't keep them in a cupboard. Play with them, enjoy using them to make your look speak for you, while still feeling incredibly comfortable to be exactly you!

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I think suspenders are amazing they look great a are so comfortable to wear. I have several pairs and enjoy wearing them often especially to work


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