The Wool & Water Podcast List: Part One

Wool & Water Podcast Love

As you know I spend many many hours knitting and sewing your Dapper Bow Ties, Skinny Ties and Bretels/Suspenders and I love it so thank you for all your support and orders which allow me to spend my days doing exactly what I love.

If you follow W&W on Twitter (yup top tweets - don't miss out folks @woolandwaterltd) you will know that to accompany my long and lovely days here in W&W HQ I am addicted to Podcasts. All sorts of Podcasts but they generally have the same thing in common; true and compelling stories told (mostly) in first person accounts and often accompanied by beautiful sound design. I enjoy them so much I wanted to share them and in turn, if you know of one you think I should check out please let me know (as we've established you can tweet me).

I regularly listen to approximately 10 so here's the first 5 for you to consider. Part Two with another 5 will follow next month. You can find all of these podcasts on iTunes or through your trusty Podcast app (I use Podcast Addict).

You Must Remember This

  1. You Must Remember This - Stories about the secret and forgotten stories of Hollywood's first century. Each episode is written, (heavily) researched and narrated by Karina Longworth and are wonderful for a vintage Hollywood fan like me. The last series was about the Blacklist and the newest series,  which has just started is all about Joan Crawford's rise from contract girl to studio royalty! *squeal*

  2. Criminal PodcastCriminal - True stories about crime; weird crimes, historical crimes and the American justice system good and bad. Each story is presented in compact 20-25 minute episodes. Compelling, varied and hosted by Phoebe Judge - what's not to love? A firm favourite episode of mine is 'Just Mercy'.

  3. Death, Sex and Money PodcastDeath, Sex and Money - Personal stories that fall under the title topics, Death, Sex and/or Money. A range of funny, quirky or painfully personal and brave stories, each one presses buttons in the listener as to some extent we can all relate or at the least empathise. Hosted by Anna Sale.

  4. How to be AmazingHow to Be Amazing - Hosted by Michael Ian Black who interviews a range of creative people; writers, actors, public figures, directors about how they became amazing. I am always gripped by this podcast and left inspired.


 WTF with Marc Maron - Marc Maron is an American Stand Up, Actor and Writer and seemingly knows EVERYONE. His podcast is a series of informal but often deep and revealing conversations with a variety of performers about their journeys both professional and personal.

What I particularly enjoy about this podcast is that Marc, who hosts these recordings in his home garage, is incredibly open about his personal struggles with depression, alcohol, drugs and life, this in turn seems to allow his guests to open up and really talk. It's just as likely to be funny and irreverent as it is gut-wrenchingly honest. I discovered it by listening to the highly publicised episode with President Barack Obama and was instantly hooked.

So what are you waiting for, get listening then tell me what you think, which do you love and why or maybe you have a recommendation for me. Tweet @woolandwaterltd or hit me up on the W&W Facebook Page!

Stay Curious!


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