Care Instructions

Wool & Water want you enjoy your natural fibre garments for at least a lifetime, maybe 3! 

 Wool & Cotton are natural textiles and both are amazingly adept at keeping themself clean without the need for washing! In regards to wool items, you can damage your piece by over washing it. The best way to ensure your Wool & Water garment lasts season after season is by thoroughly airing it every now and again.

Wool doesn’t instantly stain so should you splash something on your Wool & Water piece you can gently spot wash or simply brush it off once dry. 

Should you choose to wash your then piece, please do it infrequently and follow these simple instructions to prevent the garment from losing its shape and size.

NEVER wash wool in hot water as this will cause it to shrink! 

  1. Fill your sink/basin with lukewarm/cool water and dissolve a capful of mild detergent, ideally one specifically for wool such as Woolite, then carefully place your woollen in the water.

  2. Gently swirl your garment in the water and leave to soak for up to 10 minutes. Any friction will cause the wool to felt which produces a harder textile and a lack of stitch definition on the surface of the garment.

  3. Rinse the garment in fresh lukewarm/cool water taking care not to wring or pull at it as this will cause it to lose its shape and fit.

  4. Gently squeeze water out of the garment without twisting, wringing or stretching it.

  5. Carefully roll your garment in a towel to remove excess water then unwrap and gently reshape the damp garment. Leave it flat on the towel to dry – Your knitwear must be dried flat in order to avoid any warping or change to the shape.

Please be aware: there may be a slight colour bleed from some dark garments so be sure to use a towel that you don't mind staining


Don’t fancy hand-washing?  No problem, simply take your Wool & Water piece to a dry cleaner you trust, explaining it is 100% wool or cotton - see package labelling.


All natural fibres, even of the very best quality, will pill after a long period of wear. They are easy to remove using a trusty wool comb (available from your local dry cleaner or haberdashery). Holding the area of pilling taut, briskly comb your garment in the direction of the weave (up or down).

Alternatively you can use a blunt disposable razor.


The knitter’s nemesis, moths love snacking on natural fibres from cotton to cashmere. Traditional deterrent methods include, sprinkling your woolens with black pepper and storing with cedar wood blocks or balls but Wool & Water’s official advice to avoid unsightly holes is to; store your garments in an air tight container.