Why Wool?


We only use Wool for many reasons;

  • It is a natural, beautiful and soft textile, every Wool & Water piece is handmade by Alice using the softest fibres and blends such as Lambswool, Merino, Alpaca and Wensleydale.
  • As a renewable fibre it is sustainable, as long as there are sheep, goats, rabbit and musk oxen (just to name just a few) there will be Wool.
  • Wool has a naturally high UV Factor, considerably higher then synthetic textiles.
  • Owing to it’s naturally high elasticity, Wool is a hard wearing, durable fibre which stretches with the wearer and then returns to it’s original shape far longer then synthetic garments.
  • It is stain and static resistant thanks to the natural oils in the Wool fibre. This layer ensures stains are not absorbed and considerably less dust is picked up. No risk of crackly, static electrically charged garments from Wool and Water!
  • Wool resists dust mites making it an anti-allergenic fibre.
  • Breathable and reactive to body temperature, Wool will keep you warm but release heat and moisture when you are hot, allowing your skin to breathe comfortably.
  • As a natural fibre Wool is biodegradable, so should you wish, you could add your Wool & Water garment to the compost to help fertilise your soil…however we hope you’ll love it too much to want to do that!

...so why would you not choose Wool!?


Please refer to the care page for clear instructions on how to care for your Wool & Water garments ensuring you can wear, enjoy and treasure them for many years. 
Please note that each Wool & Water order comes with a care instructions.
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