The Curious Interview: J. Willgoose Esq of Public Service Broadcasting

J. Willgoose Esq

 "The Bentley"

You may know that J. Willgoose Esq, frontman of awesome British band Public Service Broadcasting dons a Bow Tie for every gig, publicity photo and professional shaking-hand event...and you may also know that he almost exclusively wears Bespoke Wool & Water Bow Ties to do this, until now.

J Willgoose in Wool & Water Bow TieJ Willgoose In Wool & Water Bow Tie

Now he wears one of the New Print Collection designs cos he is that Dapper.

A few weeks ago he and the band were here in Amsterdam to play the Tolhuistuin, before the (brilliant) gig I met up with him to give him a preview of the new collection, take some pics and acquire this curious little interview. To find out which one he selected as his next Wool & Water Bow Tie of choice you'll have to keep reading...

The Curious Interview with J Willgoose Esq.

What are you most curious about?
I don’t want to give too woolly an answer (no pun intended) but I am curious about a great deal of things. I think almost anything is interesting if you look at it in enough detail. Just finding out how things work (in the natural world or otherwise), how people have discovered how to use certain things for certain applications - I don’t know, it’s all interesting to me. I suppose the one thing I am endlessly surprised, moved and captivated by is music. 
How does your curiosity serve your creativity?
Particularly listening to other people’s music and wanting to be able to pick it apart - where’s that sound coming from, how’ve they recorded that, how do they make a guitar sound like that - it’s very interesting to dissect music in that way, to try to understand how and why it works and try to absorb ideas or influences into your own efforts. I would never seek to compare myself to him but it’s something Bowie always did brilliantly, absorbing ideas and influences from all spheres of life and making them somehow his own.
What inspires you?
Musicians like Bowie, people who are able to take ideas (often other people’s!) and present them in new and captivating ways. But inspiration can come from the strangest places - if you’re making anything, you have to be switched on all the time and receptive to ideas coming from all kinds of sources.
What do you particularly enjoy about Wool & Water?
I like anything handmade of good quality where the person making it has a close relationship with the materials and the process involved. I think a lot of recent trends - you could say fads if you were being harsh - such as the move back to vinyl, the growth of craft beer, the push towards organic and small scale meat and veg, all of those can be traced back to wanting to connect more with the materials and the processes involved in creating those items. That sounds pretentious but I hope you know what I mean!
When I wear my Wool & Water Bow Tie I... filled with an immense sense of pride, self-confidence and well-being! 

J. Willgoose's new Bow Tie of choice is: 'The Fitzgerald'. He debuted it that night on stage and even though I say so myself, it looked superb...!
J. Willgoose Esq in his W&W Bow TieThe Fitzgerald Bow Tie

Photographer: Mark Kenny

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Did you know...

I designed & made two exclusive & limited edition Bow Ties for Public Service Broadcasting as official PSB merchandise, they sold out really quickly...did you get one? Share how dapper you do it using #curiousknits on either Instagram or Twitter...cos it makes my day!

PSB Wool & Water Bow TiePSB Wool & Water Bow Tie

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