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My episode broadcasts: Thursday 16th June, BBC One, 8pm GMT / 9pm CET

As you may know I filmed an episode of the popular BBC medical drama, "Holby City" in April. 

I play Marisa Walker (as you can see from my dressing room sign above) and the job was really fun to do. I got to do some cool make up stunts and the cast & crew were a really hard working and lovely bunch of people. I had a great time on the Holby wards, not least because my character was quite different to any I had played before...

Naturally I took my knitting on set but couldn't actually knit for a couple of days as I didn't want to risk getting fake blood on the orders I was working on. As you will see from the episode I spend all of it with a lot of medical stitches and the irony was not lost on me that at times those stitches got in the way of my normal knit stitches during down time on set.

While filming this episode I started and/or completed;

Pink/Green Braces/Bretels

Black/Turquoise Contrast Back Skinny Tie


Black/Turquoise Contrast Back Skinny Tie

If they were your orders I'll have told you in the handwritten note that accompanied your piece.

So if you fancy seeing me presenting a different type of stitches then tune in on Thursday 16th!

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