A Small but Sincere Thank You

Thank You Cards held against a Swatch Board

Yesterday my restock of Thank You cards arrived, I send these out with every single order of Bow Ties, Ties, Suspenders, Mini Bow Tie Pins and Bow Tie Necklaces irrespective of the value or size.

I handwrite my thanks to you for supporting my small business, for believing in my independent Bow Tie brand and choosing one of my accessory designs to be a part of your curious and creative wardrobe...or choosing a piece to express your love and admiration for a loved one as a gift.

Every order placed sparks a happy dance here in the Wool & Water garden studio. Every order helps me support my family and often means we can do something lovely like take my little girl to an imaginative play class or like next week, actually go away for a 4 night stay in a beach town north of Amsterdam....! 

So thank you, for ordering, sharing, spreading the word about my Bow Ties, my Suspenders, Ties and Mini Bow Ties, it means so very much and the gratitude just grows from year to year.

Alice x

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