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Wool & Water Garden Studio

You may have seen my Instagram post where I shared some imagery of my lovely garden studio  - the place where I am typing this right now and where I design, knit, package and wrap and photograph your lovely Bow Tie, Suspender, Skinny TieBow Tie Pin and all the Wool & Whisker Cat and Dog Bow Tie orders.

Wool & Water Garden Studio

The company that made my studio, Solilux, sent Herbert, a professional photographer from Dijkhuizen Visuals round the other week to photograph what the space had become. I had turned the little empty hut they craned over the top of our building last year into a multi purpose creative space. They kindly sent the photographs to me so I can share them with you. For this blogpost I took a few more of the storage details myself...and it is not as tidy as when Herbert came over!

I am fully aware that this is the creative entrepreneur dream, it was my unattainable wish for years and after a lot of saving, research and planning I still can't quite believe we made it a reality!

Wool & Water Garden Studio

It was custom built in the Solilux factory after we chose the dimensions, flooring, exterior materials and door and window placement. 

While waiting for it to arrive, I spent hours drawing the floor plan and playing with how to repurpose the furniture I already had and how to get as much of my materials and resources in without losing precious space to actually work.

Wool & Water Garden Studio

I got Pegboards from Ikea and a lot of their handy little attachments for my hardware, threads and swing labels. I also chose the bar attachments to put string and ribbon on along with hooks for the various tools I use such as jewellery clamps and my trusty single hole puncher for my tags. I chose the magazine rack attachements for my Custom design swatch boards and Wool & Whiskers Pawprint tissue paper which I wrap orders in.

Wool & Water Garden Studio

My old Ikea dresser now holds all my cones of yarn in colour organised fashion (that's my story and I'm sticking to it) and I re-purposed the wooden crates I bought for Wedding Fair displays as bookcases and more yarn storage.

Red Yarn Storage

Knitting Yarn Storage

 Wool & Water Garden Studio

Before moving in I really considered how I had worked in the last space - a small and dark spare bedroom in our old apartment - I thought about my work flow and how I could get as much floor space as possible and light! When you are a small indie brand, your space really serves a vast multitude of purposes.

  • General Admin / Accounts / Marketing and Customer Service
  • Designing
  • Making (in my case Knitting and Sewing)
  • Packaging
  • Photographing
  • Storage for all materials required
  • Studying - as a small business owner without formal education in marketing, graphic design, SEO, Google Analytics and a lot more I have a lot to continuously learn.

So here it is, this little room is my Bow Tie, Suspenders, Mini Bow Tie Lapel Pins and Necklaces, Skinny Tie and Pet Bow Tie factory. I knit and design in here, construct and finish the pieces, package and wrap them up ready for their new homes. I do my admin, teach my online knitting lessons. I also hosted my Insta LIVE Curious Conversations from here and use it to join my online knitting club nights with friends.

Some nights I sit in here knitting and watch the TV that my husband isn't into (Hollywoodland and yes I have many thoughts on it, another post maybe). Last night, I sat in here and read my current book (Why I'm No Longer Talking to White People About Race by Reni Eddo-Lodge - which I highly recommend by the way).

Wool & Water Garden studio

It is mere meters from our ground floor apartment, my daughter now knows to wave 'Bye' to me when I head for the back door, and as you can see it sits in our somewhat bare garden...Thanks to 'Rona our gardening plans took a backseat for more important bills and such like but I have acquired the odd cheeky floral treat from our local Lidl to give it a little flourish until we can source pots and planting soil. On my original @woolandwhiskers Instagram post, the lovely Rebecca from Beehive Design kindly shared some great suggestions so watch this soon to be green space!

Knitwear Designer Alice

Right now I am sitting with the doors open as I type this, listening to the chatter of my surrounding neighbours and the birds in the trees - it's pretty ace! I pinch myself regularly!

I hope you enjoyed my Wool & Water Garden Studio tour - is it how you imagined? 

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