The Curious Interview: Lisa Campbell

Lisa Campbell Curious Interview

 How to describe Lisa Campbell without using the words Wonder Woman? Lisa is a Brit in Sydney and one of the hottest producers on the Australian theatre scene to date. Lisa, along with her two fellow producers, make up the hugely successful Luckiest Productions. Together they have racked up an impressive list of awards (Helpmanns, Arias, Sydney Theatre Awards to mention just a few) and acclaim for their creative, original and captivating productions which include, 'Sweet Charity','Miracle City' and most recently 'Little Shop of Horrors'.  

Lisa and her producing partners (David Campbell & Richard Carroll) are also founding members of Sydney's newest and most exciting independent theatre venue, The Hayes, which has repeatedly produced sell out shows one after another by utilising and championing Australian talent both on and off the stage.

Lisa is married to Singer/Actor/Presenter/Producer David Campbell and together they have also produced 3 children... I told you - Wonder Woman is the only truly appropriate description!

The Curious Interview with Lisa Campbell

What are you most curious about?

I am curious about the achievement of dreams. I suppose it is at the crux of most theatre - the protagonist wants something and we see how they do or do not get it. What sacrifices people are willing to make, what moral boundaries they are willing to bend, how they are willing to treat others in pursuit of their own goals.  

How does your curiosity serve your creativity?

I have produced three musicals and all have had the theme at their core.  I have been drawn to all projects as this has been so apparent to me in the text.  My dreams or goals have always been hazy and interchangeable, I have had a number of career paths and have had to be quite flexible in my approach to life, so I guess it intrigues me to see people drawn to one specific flame. 

What inspires you?

Being useful.  I once heard a prominent journalist in Australia asked what was next for her, she replied ‘whatever I can do to be most useful’.  Being useful to others makes me feel strong.  If there is anything I can see that could use my help, I feel adrenalin and focus.

How would you describe your style?

By day, simple with trainers.
By night, simple with heels.
What do you particularly like about Wool & Water?

The thrill of having something handmade is huge for me.  The care and expertise in the creation of Wool and Water pieces is beautiful.

'When I wear my Bow Tie I...'

 ...can achieve anything!

Lisa Campbell Curious Interview

Lisa Campbell's Wool & Water Bow Tie of choice is 'The Ashford'

Follow Lisa and her many hit productions whether that be stage or children on Instagram @lisaluckiest and/or Twitter @LCLuckiest

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