It's Time to Use the 'C' Word....!

Yup, it's coming. The festive songs are playing, the lights are twinkling and the smell of mince pies is becoming irresistible so it's time, time to use the C word and embrace all that it represents.

What better way to get into the CHRISTMAS spirit than to don the Special Edition Festive Bow Tie for you and your furry chum...make a statement at the Christmas Party and go with a well dressed furry guest everyone is bound to adore.


Or save your Festive Bow Ties for Christmas Day and mark the occasion in Dapper Style! Wherever & whenever you wear it you will have a ball!*

* Although I cannot guarantee amazing times every time you wear it I can confidently presume it. It's just the way I knit them - knitted with sheer festive cheer, especially for you.

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