Curious Conversation #4: J. Willgoose Esq, Musician

J. Willgoose Esq. Curious Conversation

Every Thursday I chat LIVE on Instagram with someone I find interesting and/or inspiring from my garden studio in Amsterdam. It is an IGTV series called 'Curious Conversations'. The series celebrates conversation and the connections that can come from it.

I make wearable conversation starters, handmade, knitted Bow Ties, Suspenders, Ties and Bow Tie Pins. They are unique, limited edition pieces. Wearing one of my designs proves to be a perfect non-verbal form of self-expression and they spark conversation. This could be with a kindred spirit or with someone whose path you may have never crossed, opening the door for a fresh connection in whatever form that may take.


This week I chatted LIVE with Public Service Broadcasting frontman J. Willgoose Esq. We covered creativity in lockdown, the inspiration behind PSB's music, the challenges facing a live music band and the role Bow Ties play in the persona and stage confidence needed to get up and play. It was insightful, surprising and a good tonic. 

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