Curious Conversation #5: Dapper Mindy, Visual Activist

Every Thursday I chat LIVE on Instagram with a curious individual, as part of an IGTV series called 'Curious Conversations'. The intention is to celebrate the power of conversation, how it can make us be seen and be heard, be acknowledged and acknowledge someone else's different experience... and help us connect over our similarities.

Conversation is important to me, I believe it can and will change the world and be the catalyst behind forging bridges and breaking down walls. It was the driving force behind my work as an actress and is the impetus behind the Bow Ties, Suspenders, Bow Tie Pins and Ties I make now. I design and knit wearable conversation starters, they attract attention and create intrigue. If you wear one you will experience, and hopefully enjoy, the conversations it sparks.

I was DELIGHTED to be joined by Mindy Friedman, otherwise known as @DapperMindy all the way from Atlanta, Georgia for this edition of the Curious Conversation. Mindy is a terrific conversationalist, person and light in today's often intimidating navigational field.

As we chatted, Mindy (pronouns are she/her, they and them) beautifully conveyed how she uses her visual activism to provoke thought, conversation, awareness and acceptance. Together we discussed allyship, the importance of dialogue, the next generation, the responsibility and hope we have for them.

I know you will enjoy this conversation as much as I did. I already want Part 2!!

To learn more about Mindy and her journey I encourage you to follow her on Instagram @dappermindy and check out her excellent blog and website here

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