Curious Conversation #7: Matt Henry OBE, Actor and Singer

Matt Henry OBE

During July I hosted a LIVE Curious Conversation on Instagram every Thursday with a curious, creative individual. A live, unplanned conversation to celebrate curiosity, creativity and individuality. All the values I champion with my Bow Tie, Suspenders and Skinny Tie designs.

I was delighted to be joined by Actor and Singer Matt Henry OBE on Thursday 30th July. We had a terrific conversation covering creativity in lockdown, parenting while being a performer and writer, the impact of the Black Lives Matter movement on the future of theatre and our personal responsibility to demand better representation and space for conversation and education. 

Matt and I go way back having performed together in a show many years ago. His support of my unexpected knitwear accessories has been hugely appreciated. Matt has modelled Bow Ties, Braces and Skinny Ties for me for my first photoshoot, 'So Many Curious Things'. He actually told me that day he had landed the role of Lola in the huge musical Kinky Boots for which he went on to win a Laurence Olivier Award and be nominated for a Grammy! He has also worn some of my very first Bow Tie designs on various red carpets. 

It was a delight chatting with Matt and hearing all about his plans, experiences and hopes for the future. I know you will enjoy watching it...I hope it sparks some conversations of your own!

To learn more about Matt and his adventures I encourage you to follow him on Instagram @mrmatthenry 

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