How to Dress like a Wes Anderson Character: 5 Style Tips

Wes Anderson Style Tips

Welcome, fellow Wes Anderson enthusiasts and appreciators of all things whimsical!

If, like me, you are a fan of the meticulous and curious aesthetic of Wes Anderson's films, you may feel inspired to infuse your daily style with a touch of his distinctive charm. And if so, you are absolutely in the right place.

In this blog post, I will breakdown the art of dressing like a Wes Anderson character, with added focus, of course, on how incorporating my very own Wool & Water, made to order knitted bow ties, ties, and suspenders, will help achieve that curiously unique and creative style his characters are so recognisable for.

The Wes Anderson Aesthetic in a Nutshell:

Whatever the character, whatever the world Wes Anderson has created for them to live in, stylistically, all are sartorial adventures that celebrate nostalgia, creativity, and a touch of whimsy. Wes Anderson has a distinctive visual style, one that uses meticulous attention to detail and you can pay homage to his iconic characters through your choice of creative accessories. 

I have broken down the Wes Anderson sartorial aesthetic into 5 key elements. If you use each of these as starting points, you will create a style foundation which pays homage to Wes Anderson characters while still maintaining an authentic quality to your look. After all, authenticity is the best style.

Wes Anderson Vintage Clothing Inspiration

Wool & Water Quirky Accessories: The Butterscotch Bow Tie €83,99

1. Incorporate Vintage Aesthetics: 

Wes Anderson films are known for their nostalgic and retro-inspired visuals. When dressing like a Wes Anderson character, opting for a knitted bow ties, ties, and suspenders instantly help exude a vintage charm in your outfit. 

Pair a textured tie or bow tie with a collared t-shirt, cardigan (or knitted vest), cotton skirt or trousers and brogues or simple plimsolls. Consider your colour palette and use your accessory of choice to introduce an accent colour or opt for a design that matches near perfectly with your shirt for an elevated contemporary yet quirky aesthetic. 

Choose designs with patterns that evoke the mid-20th century, such as geometric shapes, bold stripes, or whimsical motifs.

Wes Anderson Mix and Match clothing options for inspiration

Wool & Water Quirky Accessories: The Loveheart Bow Tie €83.99 and the Mustard Yellow Tie €59.99

2. Mix and Match Patterns: 

One of the hallmarks of any Wes Anderson character is their quirky and eclectic style. Experiment with mixing and matching patterns to create visually interesting outfits. Pair a Wool & Water bow tie with a patterned shirt, or layer a knitted tie under a subtly patterned sweater. Play with contrasting colours and textures to achieve that distinctive Wes Anderson-inspired look.

Women's Wes Anderson Mix and Match options

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Bonus Quirky Tip: To achieve the Wes Anderson signature combination of both vintage and eclectic elements, choose shirt or sweater designs with patterns that evoke the mid-20th century. Such as geometric shapes, bold stripes, or whimsical motifs.

3. Give Attention to the Details: 

Wes Anderson's characters are known for their diligent attention to detail, and their style reflects this. Accessorising your outfits with carefully chosen details will help bring the Wes Anderson aesthetic to your style. Opt for knitted bow ties or ties with unique embellishments like embroidered motifs or contrasting trims. Consider a brooch or pin, a vintage inspired hat or unusual pair of socks. Add suspenders with interesting textures or vintage-inspired hardware for an extra touch of character.

Wes Anderson Burgundy colour palette outfit for women

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4. Commit to a Colour Palette: 

Wes Anderson's films can be characterised by their distinct colour palettes, each helping to contribute to the overall visual style of the world he has created. When dressing like a Wes Anderson character, consider the overall colour scheme of your outfit and strive for cohesiveness.

Men's Wes Anderson outfit inspiration in cream and butterscotch

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Then choose accessories in colours that compliment or fit within that specific palette. Consider pastels, muted tones, or even bold primary colours, depending on your skin tone and personal preferences. Your accessory can introduce an accent colour or a variation of the established colour scheme.

A selection of Wes Anderson inspired whimsical accessories

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5. Embrace Quirky Accessories: 

Wes Anderson's characters are often adorned with unique and eccentric accessories. Don't be afraid to incorporate playful and unexpected elements into your outfit. Consider adding a vintage-inspired brooch or a whimsical lapel pin to your jacket or sweater. Look for suspenders with distinctive patterns or unusual materials to further capture and communicate that quirky Wes Anderson aesthetic.

Bonus Quirky Tip: Scour craft markets, independent stores and charity shops for unusual pins or brooches, necklaces or hair clips. Ideally pieces that resonate with your personal interests, passions or hobbies.

A man and woman sit holding playing cards next to a table, they are both wearing knitted suspenders and ties

The Wes Anderson Inspiration behind Wool & Water 

I would be remiss in not mentioning how much inspiration Wes Anderson's detail orientated world plays in my Wool & Water designs. Just take a look at my very first look-book shoot, “So Many Curious Things”. I basically created a Wool & Water version of a Wes Anderson world.

My knitted bow ties, ties, and suspenders strive to embody the essence of both timeless elegance and quirky sophistication. By blending vintage aesthetics with modern design sensibilities, a Wool & Water accessory helps provide the perfect stylistic starting point to unlocking and celebrating your inner Wes Anderson-inspired style.

Picnic Scene of a man and woman wearing bow ties and suspenders

The intention behind Wool & Water’s craftsmanship and attention to detail, is that the moment you wear one of my limited edition bow tie, tie or suspender designs, you will be transported into a world where patterns, textures, and colours knit together (see what I did there?) harmoniously and whimsically….much like a Wes Anderson movie. So, without further ado, let's explore how to master the art of dressing like a Wes Anderson character, with the help of a stylish Wool & Water bow tie, tie, or pair of suspenders.

And Now for the Epilogue…

Dressing like a Wes Anderson character is achieved by embracing your individuality, showing attention to detail, and including an integral touch of whimsy. 

By incorporating unique and creative accessories, such as knitted bow ties, ties, and suspenders, into your outfits, you can achieve a stylish and distinctive look that pays homage to this iconic film director's aesthetic while still keeping your outfit wearable without falling into a costume category.

Interested in incorporating Wool & Water bow ties, ties, suspenders and mini bow tie pins and necklaces into your Wes Anderson inspired aesthetic? I would be delighted to make your design choice especially for you! And yes, I very happily offer custom designs for your specific and perfect colour palette of choice.

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