Post Lockdown Style Intentions: Feat. Guest Contributors

Slowly but surely significant parts of the world are opening back up, lockdowns are easing and we are increasingly, tentatively venturing out of our homes and back into an actual social life. 

Although we are still far from parties, events and weddings as we know them to be, the opportunities to see and be seen are gradually increasing. How will your personal style change? Did Lockdown life dramatically or incrementally affect your day to day wardrobe? Have you plans for a new look, a vivid embrace of expressing yourself through your sartorial choices or will you be taking some of the comfy WFH looks with you as you head out the front door?

During lockdown I noticed I increasingly reached for accessories to lift my mood and inject a sense of energy into my days.

Various images of a white woman in a Bow Tie, Suspenders, Tie or Lapel Pin

Initially I embraced every #DressUpFriday with Bow Ties, Suspenders and/or Ties. Then I started donning Bow Tie Pins on a daily basis, sometimes even doubling them up. I then launched the Mini Bow Tie Necklaces and these became my go to. All of these accessories helped me feel connected to my sense of self, my individuality which in turn, grounded me somewhat amongst all the anxiety and surrealism of the pandemic and social and political earthquakes of 2020.

I have spent many daydreams imagining what I would wear when I could finally venture to a cafe, a bar, head to a friend's house for dinner. The pandemic has made me want to embrace every post lockdown outing as a celebration, an event to appreciate and enjoy getting dressed for. Over the last 12+ months I have embraced more colour than before and I forsee seizing any opportunity to inject 'fun' into my outfits with accessories, be that Shoes, Bow Ties or Suspenders.

Wondering whether I was the only one for whom Lockdown had had this sartorial affect, I reached out to various dapper and inspirational chums to ask them about their experience and how they anticipated their style changing, or not, post Lockdown.

White Queer woman in patterned shirt, waistcoat and Bow Tie sits cross legged

"Sheltering in place gave me permission to evolve what my dapperness can be. The biggest change has been in my shoe choices being more inclusive of sneakers, initially spurred on by the almost daily walks around the neighborhood.

In truth, I’ve become something of a newbie sneakerhead – primarily Jordans. Shoes, after all, are the exclamation point to the style statement. Additionally, while Bow Ties continue to be a staple of my dandy attire (they frame a Zoom screen perfectly!), I’ve started being more playful with collar types that are inhospitable to them.

That puts more of the visual activism onus on my omnipresent American flag/rainbow flag lapel pin, and other statement pieces (‘You Are Beautiful’ lapel pin, Rainbow Bow Tie Necklace and/or Bow Tie Lapel Pin).

I expect that in a post lockdown world I will continue to be more playful with street style dapperness – with a purpose."

- Dapper Mindy, Visual Activist (Georgia, USA)

"Given the lax style that lockdown afforded, I’m wanting to bring back a classic style but with an effortless level of comfort. Dressing up for me is a form of play, much in line with the work I do, so I look forward to having work events that call for dusting off my Sunday best."

- Alexis Rodney, Actor (London, UK)

"I think the pandemic, restrictive lockdowns, and the collective trauma with so many of us losing loved ones during this period has affected almost all aspects of our lives. We’ve had to think about self care and protecting ourselves, and with so many of us spending so much time at home, the obvious way that translates into how we dress is a greater reliance on comfort, with more casual and loose fitting clothes and loungewear. For me having left a corporate role and establishing my own business in 2019, I no longer wore suits daily, but on the few client visits I did make I still wore a jacket (often with pocket square), shirt and smart shoes - for an antiques dealer/ appraiser this forms the requisite kit and I don’t see that changing. I’m not really one for loungewear and I do try to stay fairly smart at home, I find it helps me focus if I still make a little effort even if no one but the cats see me!

Now it’s getting warmer again I’ve also got into wearing mandarin collar cotton shirts, faded tones like blue, and loose linen pants, so that will be the summer and then it’s back to wool once it gets towards autumn. I like to think about the fabrics as much as the garments themselves.

But in short, I think my work/client facing style will remain about the same; my at home or casual style will probably actually become more formal post-pandemic, because I think adding touches of formality make me feel sharper, and as if the pandemic hasn’t worn me down too much."

- David Walker, Antiques and Fine Art Specialist, Antiques Roadshow US Expert, (Pennsylvania, USA)

"Having spent most of the last year at home, we’ve been on a truly frightening downward spiral. One of synthetic fibres and elasticated waists. Just HORRIFIC!! So, as we emerge from lockdown, we vow to be even more fabulous than ever. And by the way, we still love Bow Ties!"

- Derek and Isaac aka Social Bitches Edinburgh, Bloggers and Influencers (Edinburgh, UK)


White Man sits on the Snow in long black coat

"My personal style didn't change during lockdown. In fact, my personal style and expression through clothing remained expressive and adventurous. It was the very thing that kept me excited during my ventures out. My trips to the high-streets and social circles were replaced with weekly food shops, but this just gave me an opportunity to treat each Sunday food shop as a chance to dedicate time to my wardrobe and my sense of expression through clothing.

I think it has also given me more confidence and a sense of play when choosing what to wear, as it has made me realise just how important I value it as a channel of expression, individuality and character."
- Ben Boden, Musician (Northampton, UK)
If this post has inspired you to explore curious, creative accessories to add to your post lockdown wardrobe and looks, you can find my handmade to order Bow Ties, Suspenders, Ties, Bow Tie Lapel Pins and Mini Bow Tie Necklaces all available to peruse by clicking on the drop down menu above.
I would love to know how your style was affected by lockdown and what you hope and /or anticipate it to be once your world starts re-opening. Leave a comment below and I look forward to hearing about your experience.

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