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Social Media Break

Today marks the start of my 'Digital Detox', a month long break from Social Media and despite the fact I find it pretty scary, I am excited.

Now I must just say...I will be jumping back on Instagram on Thursday 6th August 2pm BST / 3pm CEST for the final LIVE episode of the Curious Conversation series...and this time the guest is YOU, or whomever fancies joining me for a chat on the day. I hope you will tune in!

This year, like everyone, I had plans. A new Butterfly Bow Tie collection, a new more focused approach on my business after becoming a mum and then the world turned upside down.

Cable Bow Tie

Overnight my husband, who is in production, had his pre-planned work disappear and the rhythm of my usual work year was disrupted, much of it lost. No parties, events and sadly for so many couples, delayed weddings with no idea how they could happen. Bow Ties were not top of the list for people all grappling with the global uncertainty.

Online Knitting Lessons

And so panic ensued, I dove into the buzzword of the pandemic 'pivot'. I enjoyed the challenge of getting creative with my thinking, productivity and the speed at which I adapted. I hosted an online Cocktail Night, moved my Knitting Lessons online, I launched new skills classes, created new Special Edition Pet Bow Tie collections and designed Catnip Toys. Pushing, promoting and embracing the indie business community online that I either never engaged with before or was simply not there prior to the crisis.

Makers Market From HomeHandmade Catnip Toy








Eco Pet Bow Ties          Hand-dyed Cat Bow Ties

I discovered and participated in the amazing Makers Market From Home, becoming a proud Ambassador for it. I started doing weekly Lives on Instagram, both hosting Midday Maker chats on @MakersMarketFromHome and my #CuriousConversation IGTV series. I created social media pages for my online lessons which were now taking place with students from all over the world. I ran an Insta challenge #dressupfurday for @WoolandWhiskers, launched Greeting Card designs on Thortful using my imagery. My followings grew, I developed friendships with customers and students, my content ideas kept coming and I have found the whole experience inspiring and invigorating.

Curious Conversation with Dapper Mindy Curious Conversation J. Willgoose Esq

BUT I am tired, I realised a few weeks ago that I couldn't sustain this level of social media dependency. I feel it has become my sole way of communicating and I'll be honest, a tool for procrastination rather than simply taking a break. 

So I decided to take some designated time off the platforms, despite the fear that I will lose followers, lose potential (much needed) orders. However I have learnt over the years that if something is scary, you have to confront that fear lest it control you.

I have so many new product ideas I want to work on and launch effectively. I want to finish the Bow Tie collection I started, what now feels like a lifetime ago, so badly. I have learnt so much during this experience, about business from my fellow indie biz owners, about process, about communication and the importance of consistency. Above all, I have learnt to trust my instincts more so than ever before. I feel so proud of all I have achieved under such intense circumstances and now it is time to make some space for myself to create.

Garden Studio

I am going to focus on my designs, my list of ideas and plans, on applying all I have learnt from this experience and to come back onto the platforms with a renewed sense of purpose and balance.

Alice from wool & water

So although I won't be on the 'Gram, I will still be right here, in my Garden Studio, knitting your orders, blogging, prepping my Newsletter, The Curio and documenting the knitting and process. I hope you will wait for me so I can share it all with you in September, but if not that's ok too. 

P.S For all the behind the scenes of what I design and make in August, be sure to sign up to The Curio (my bi-monthly newsletter)

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