Covid-19 Update: Still Knitting, Still Smiling!

Smiling Girl

Hello all!

I hope this impromptu newsletter finds you all well and healthy, feeling positive and calm. What a crazy couple of days/weeks!

This is just a note to assure you that I, my husband and our little girl are all well and healthy, social distancing and hunkering down. I am happily working away on the new collection (ooh it is looking a bounty of beauties) along with current orders - and very appreciative for them I am too!

I have shifted my knitting lessons side hustle to online classes and am offering a couple for FREE as I know by personal experience knitting can help calm the mind and bring a sense of peace in anxious times. So if you already knit - pick up your needles, it will help.

For those of you worried about the virus spreading on handmade items I want to reassure you that is not the case.  I am regularly washing my hands, wiping down my studio each day with disinfectant and my little family and I are living the social distancing reality - no daycare, no playgrounds, no contact with anyone outside of our household and as the Dutch government has advised, keeping 2 metres away from anyone when outside.


A bit of a (relevant) side note but I do love the opportunity to get on my knitted soapbox - Wool is self cleaning, the keratin in its structure breaks down bad bacteria which enables it to absorb and neutralise bad odours and it's surface is water repellent so preventing the growth of don't deny that is fascinating!


Knitted Green Bow Tie and Suspenders

The UK and NL postal services have confirmed the virus is not able to survive on packages or post and they are keeping a stringently hygienic system in place - no more signing for packages with a tablet pen, post service workers are also standing 1.5 metres from your door when delivering a package.

So please do not feel concerned when ordering either from me or any other handmade indie business. Indeed, your support is enormously appreciated more than ever in these anxious times.


Knitted Bow Tie Gift Voucher

Thank you to all those who have expressed interest in buying Gift Vouchers for future purchases, that has been very buoying. And special mention to my latest UK customer who ordered a Bow Tie to cheer a self isolating friend up and remind them there are good times to be had once this passes!


Self Isolating/Social Distancing Activities

There are many exciting, creative ways to spend your time at home:

  • Check out wonderful W&W customer Jean Weso's trilogy of downloadable crime fiction books 
  • Sign up for an online course, knitting, singing or even a free furniture makeover consultation
  • Re-watch and enjoy all those classic movies and more. My top favourite is 'Streetcar Named Desire' quickly followed by Bette Davis' Now Voyager
  • Attend my Online W&W Cocktail Hour - details to be shared on my social media platforms. Just because we are staying in doesn't mean we can't dress up and sup delicious aperitifs together with non virus related small talk.

However you spend your time, stay safe, stay healthy and stay a non-spreader. One day this will all be a memory.

Best wishes,
Alice x

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