Introducing The Print Collection

Wool & Water Print Collection

On Monday 25th April the new Print Collection of Bow Ties will be available to all and I could not be more excited to see what your response is.

In knitwear, 'print' is the term used when knitting with two colours in the same row to create a pattern, in fact 'jacquard' is the precise term but that feels a bit posh so I went with Print...

The collection is made up of 6 designs, 3 knitted in Cotton and 3 in a Lambswool/Merino blend. As per usual each design is only available in a limited edition of 25 pieces and comes individually boxed. If bought online it also comes gift wrapped in a print paper.

Each of the 6 designs are named after a famously curious and dapper figure such as Oscar Wilde, Dorothy Parker and F. Scott Fitzgerald. You will find short biographies on each Bow Tie's namesake accompanying the images and info.

To celebrate the new collection I will be releasing a series of interviews with variously curious & creative people who wear W&W Bow Ties here on the Blog. Each will feature a photograph of them in their choice of the 6 and the interview shares curious insights about what they do and who they are.

So check in on Monday and have a peruse or, if you are London based then take a stroll down the lovely Portobello Road and swing by Stumper & Fielding to see the full collection in person - the only store to have them!

Stay Curious!

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