Exclusive & Official: Public Service Broadcasting Bow Ties

As you may remember last month I told you I had made an exclusive & official range of Bow Ties for fans of awesome band Public Service Broadcasting.

J Willgoose Esq. has been wearing a bespoke Wool & Water Bow Tie for over a year (in fact I just made him a new one) and now Wrigglesworth has his own Skinny Tie (Aqua Green Plain).

They then approached me to design a range of Bow Ties they could offer the fans as a unique form of handcrafted merchandise. I was delighted of course and set about designing, knitting and sewing, I wanted it to be inspired by Willgoose's but of course different.

They finally went live last week and already one of the two designs (Design B) has sold out! Each Bow Tie comes in a specially labelled individual box with it's specific edition tag as everything I make is limited edition.

You can still get yourself one of the remaining PSB Bow Ties, but hurry as there's not many left! Should you miss out you can always choose one from the 2 collections here or why not have something bespoke made just for you?

Stay Curious!


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