5 Affordable Gift Ideas for Dog Dads this Father's Day

A dog wears a yellow bow tie and sits beside a blue gift box with pink ribbon amongst snowdrops

Welcome Dog Lovers and Supporters!

I am delighted to share the Wool & Whiskers budget friendly gift guide for the Dog Dad you want to celebrate in your life. In this post I will offer you a range of affordable gift ideas that I hope will excite and inspire you to celebrate Dog Dads this Father’s Day. And have no fear, just because these gift ideas are not expensive and flashy does not make them cheap in sentimental value. In fact I would hazard a guess that they will mean more to a Dog Dad than something you can’t actually afford.

Many of these ideas are also pawfect for kids to get involved with, so if they have a wonderful Dog Dad uncle or family friend whom they want to celebrate this Father’s Day, then get them involved with any one of these Dog Dad gift ideas.

Why should we celebrate Dog Dads on Father’s Day?

Not all children are human. Many people I know who, for a myriad of reasons, do not have children, adore their dogs like they were born of them and I think that is worth acknowledging and celebrating.

Owning a dog is not easy. They need consistent responsibility both in routine, environment and financially. Of course a relationship with a dog is hugely rewarding. They love unconditionally, dogs are loyal and adorable. To a dog, their human is their family, no question about it and vice versa. So just because someone’s child may not be of the same species, the role a pawrent plays is an incredibly selfless and important one and deserves celebrating.

It is worth noting that the Dog Dad gift ideas I have for you below can be applied to any dog parent, they are not gender specific. Each gift idea is bound to bring a smile and maybe a tear to the eye of the Dog Dad you present it to. Thoughtful gifts make people feel seen and that is a gift in itself. You are likely also to surprise your Dog Dad by celebrating them on Father’s Day, they may feel the mainstream noise of the holiday excludes them. By giving them a gift you are including them in a day that they too deserve to be a part of.

So without further ado, let’s get to the Dog Dad Gift Ideas…

1. Canine Customized Caffeine

No I am not suggesting you get creative with coffee beans or tea leaves but instead the container your Dog Dad drinks his morning ‘wake-me-up’ from.

a white mug with a black dog illustration on

Simply find a plain and affordable mug from your local supermarket or discount store and get creative with ceramic markers or paint. Decorate the mug with his Dog’s name, a sketch of his dog (don't forget to add a Dog Bow Tie) map out a local dog walk they enjoy together or simply paint a motivational phrase to encourage him to head out on that first dog walk of the day. If in doubt go for “Best Dog Dad Ever!”. Although I would encourage you to add on the other side of the mug, “...now walk me!”

You could even get a muddy paw print of his darling dog on the mug as a template and then go over it with the markers to make it a truly one-of-a-kind mug that delights him every day.

What better way for a Dog Dad to start his day than with a caffeine accompanied reminder of his furry love and who those early morning starts are for.

If your Dog Dad is not a coffee/tea drinker then try the same idea on a simple and affordable plain water bottle. The idea is adaptable.

2. DIY Doggie Treat Bonanza

Why not help a Dog Dad treat his Dog with some homemade, budget friendly dog treats. He can show his Dog how much he loves them with a healthy bonus bag of treats.

A selection of dog treats in a variety of colours and shapes

There are loads of free, cheap and easy dog treat recipes online (I have a Pinterest board full of them HERE), many using just peanut butter, oats and flour. Grab a novelty shaped cookie cutter (may I suggest a bowtie shaped one?) and before you know it you have something beautiful to present a Dog Dad with on Father’s Day. Just make sure he knows they are intended for his dog…although he may want to enjoy one with his customised cup of tea…

Pop them in a little gift box or bag and add a personalised note from his dog as a special smile sparking touch. It may be worth also including the recipe so he can enjoy making treats for his dog himself in the future.

Alternatively you can skip the dog and make some simple cookies in the shape of dog bones or pawprints for the Dog Dad you want to celebrate. Again, add a note from the dog and watch the smile of delight grow this Father’s Day.

3. A Pawfect Photo 

Gifts that honour a memory will always be appreciated and treasured and photos are pawfect for this.

A framed picture of a spaniel in an orange bow tie sits on the grass

Buy an affordable basic photo frame from your local craft or discount store, print out some photos of the Dog Dad and their furry chum to create a unique and sentimental photo collage. You can add details of their relationship or journey together, such as a  snippet of a favourite walk they do in map form.

Adding a protective coat of varnish will help protect your artwork for years to come, so worth asking for the best glue options in your local craft store.

You can of course customise the frame too with paints or collage paper…the paws-sibilities are endless!

4. Canine Care Coupons

Making a coupon book is an easy, affordable fun craft project to do at home with eager little hands too.

a range of dogs looking at the viewer with coupons placed between them

Why not gift your Dog Dad with some coupons to help lighten the load, such as offering to take a morning walk shift, clearing up that section of the garden, giving the dog a bath.

You can make each coupon fun and creative either working with materials from around the house, or making something digital to print or send via email.

Make these coupons fun but also helpful and this will be a Father’s Day gift to be treasured…you may want to pop an expiry date on some of the tasks you offer though!

5. A Personalised Dog Dad Keychain

The great thing about a keychain is it’s a gift that goes everywhere with the recipient. On a day to day basis, your Dog Dad will see this gift and smile because of it.

Two circular keyrings each with a picture of a dog wearing a bowtie on

You’ll want to find a blank keychain, where it has a space for you to pop a small photo into it. Many locksmith shops have these and of course photo printing stores.

Simply print out a picture of his furbaby, trim it to size and slide it in to create a unique and heartwarming Dog Dad Father’s Day gift.

You could go a step further and add a charm or the name of his dog using letter beads threaded onto wire or string from your local craft store. Maybe you want to add “Proud Dog Dad” 

A simple yet long lasting gift that will fill your Dog Dad with pride long after Father’s Day has passed.

Feeling Inspired?

So there we have it, just 5 affordable, fun and meaningful Dog Dad gift ideas to present on Father’s Day, making the Dog Dad in your life feel seen and acknowledged.

Whether you choose the personalised mug, homemade treats for either the dog or Dog Dad, a photo collage or a cute keychain, you are bound to make your Dog Dad feel celebrated and included. The thought in itself will mean the world.

Whichever gift idea you go for, embrace your creativity, have fun making it and remember you do not need to spend a fortune to make something sweet and special. The aim is to raise a smile, not to necessarily overwhelm them with extras.

And if you did want to ensure your Dog Dad’s Dog presents the gifts in style, you may want to consider one of my knit to order Dog Bow Ties - if the collection is out of your budget, check out my clearance section and grab a stylish bargain! 

However you choose to celebrate Father’s Day this year, I wish all the Dog Dads out there a wonderful, wooftastic day with your furry chum!

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A dog wears a yellow bowtie sitting next to a blue gift box with pink ribbon

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