Wool & Water's Indie Biz Gift Guide

It's getting to that stressful time when your list of loved ones feels overwhelming and you are running out of ideas for unique, personal gifts...well worry not as I have some suggestions for you!

As an independent business owner myself I know first hand, how much love, time and care goes into the products and services we offer. I put together a little list of fellow Indies to check out and maybe they can help tick off some of that long list.

Cook and Craft Collective

Cook & Craft Collective

What better than a creative activity as a unique, memory making gift! Jojo has been running classes for over 10 years and offers a wide variety of crafty, cookery workshops that can take place in London, in your home or hers for individuals, friends or even your whole family.

Pork Pie

She has gift vouchers available making it well worth looking through her long list of activities.

The French Macarons and the Pork Pie workshops sound like really talking point presents to me....I mean who doesn't like either of those? Talk about a much appreciated party skill.

"Classes are kept small so you will have personal guidance every step of the way to perfect your technique. You won’t be working in a pair, you’ll have your own tray! If you want to work in a pair we have other French Macarons classes advertised on the site, just search French Macaron!

You will finish the class with the minimum of 12 macarons to take home plus have all the knowledge you need to make more at home too."

You can find her website here

Scouting Solo

Travel for One: Scouting Solo

Ben is a Brit on a journey, currently based in Bali he has been hand-making personalised, crystal jewellery which is then cleansed using a traditional Balinese singing bowl and finally blessed before being shipped off to it's new owner. 

Bracelet  Bracelet

His jewellery is designed to support the wearer through their own personal journey, whatever that may be and each piece can be chosen from his collection or customised for an individual's personal needs. 

Scouting Solo

Ben has made Gift Vouchers available for his Christmas customers and this strikes me as such a beautiful gift to give, something gorgeous, exotic and unique and bursting with good intentions.

Check out his website and wonderful blog here

Six0Six Designs

Six0Six Designs

Got any Book lovers on that list but not sure what they have or haven't read? Check out the brilliant literary inspired range from Vanessa. She also makes map keepsakes!


Pencils, Prints, Pens and even confetti! I love the idea of gifting a budding writer some pencils designed with a masterpiece or author in mind to inspire them.


The map keepsake jewellery is brilliant - choose a special, personal location and have it made into something to literally keep close to their heart.

Visit Vanessa's website here

It is a great time of year to support fellow makers and I guarantee you will not regret it. There's just so much creativity and personal service out there to explore. 

Amsterdamsche Kerst Markt

I will be at the Maker Market this weekend with a selection of both Wool & Water and Wool & Whiskers designs and then the 4 day Amsterdamsche Kerst Markt in Westergas - be lovely to see you at either market but if not you can stay cosy and still order my designs online plus I have Gift Vouchers available too!

Wool & Water Gift Voucher

However you check off that long list, have a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones and thank you for your support of my indie biz this year. It means so much, every order creates a smile and a little jig. I am looking forward to showing you more designs in the next decade!

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