5 Fun Father's Day Gift Ideas for Dog Dads

Black Dog in a Purple Bow Tie with Dog Dads

Father's Day is almost around the corner (Sunday 20 June) but not all Dads have hoomans as their children. Many Dads have adored and treasured dogs and are as devoted to them as any child - understandably so!

If you have a Dog Dad in your life that you would like to celebrate then I have some fun gift ideas for every budget for you to consider.

Dog Dad Gift Idea 1:

How about matching Bow Ties for both Dad and Dog? Luckily I know someone right here on this website (me!) that can make a matching pair of Bowties for both Dog and Dog Dad to impress all who spot them while on the daily dog walk, enjoying a drink outside the local pub, attending a Zoom meeting or while 'supervising' the barbecue.

Matching Dog and Dad Bowties

You can find a special Dog Dad Father's Day Bow Tie bundle offer (try saying that fast) right here. Custom options available and worldwide shipping.

Dog Dad Gift Idea 2:

How about a personalised pawtrait from esteemed illustrator Hannah Weeks? You can find examples of her custom portraits including full families with fur babies and info on how to order right here.

Hannah Weeks Pet Portrait

Dog Dad Gift Idea 3:

Walkies! Being June there should be a lot of lovely weather to enjoy for a Dog Dad and their furry chum. A local guide of the loveliest walks would be a great gift for them both to explore. Just be sure the majority of the routes are dog friendly.

Dog Walking with Dog Dad

MyPaws.com can give you some great suggestions for those of you in the UK and here's a great site with Dog Trail suggestions for Netherlands based Dog Dads.

Dog Dad Gift Idea 4:

Dog Treat Recipe

Who doesn't like treats? On my Pinterest board you will find a wide selection of healthy fun dog treat recipes. Handing the Dog Dad in your life a bag of tasty dog treats to accompany them both on a sunny walk is bound to put a spring in everyone's step.

Dog Dad Gift Idea 5:

Movie and Snuggle, after that walk and all those delicious dog treats, what Dog Dad would turn down a chance to snuggle with their canine chum while watching a dog's best friend movie? And of course, the treats can continue during the screening.

Best in Show

Here are just a few Dog focused movies you can all enjoy cuddled up on the sofa together:
Marley & Me

For more Dog Movies to enjoy check out my blog post on my personal top 10 Cat and Dog Movie Recommendations.

Dog Dad Gift Extra:
Whatever you settle on as a Father's Day Dog Dad gift, why not wrap it in some of this amazing Dog illustrated gift wrap. Pixie Drew has quite the selection available on her Etsy store so have a look and see if you find a dog match.

French Bulldog Giftwrap

And there we have it, a round up of Dog Dad gifts for Father's Day. I would love to know if you have additional suggestions or even favourites from this list. Just add your comment below.

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