5 Ghostly Pet Tales..or Tails!

Have you ever seen a ghost? I have, but that’s for another day…With Halloween just around the corner I got curious about ghost pets.

My Dad’s only supernatural experience was rather bizarrely seeing a ghost dog, not that he realised it at the time. I asked him to re-tell me his story for this post:

“It was in your Grandfather’s house in Ettington (UK). The house had been a chapel and there were gravestones in the garden. There was a door between the kitchen and the upstairs part of the house and they kept it shut to stop the cat going up there.

I was upstairs and when I left our bedroom I saw a small dog at the other end of the landing. I assumed it was the cat and went downstairs, opened the door and entered the kitchen.

I said the cat is upstairs and they [the family] said no and pointed out the cat curled up on a chair. I said I had seen her upstairs and they all said oh that’s the ghost dog. Don’t worry about it. They were all very blasé about it.”

My curiosity about ghost cats and dogs led me to discovering lots of curious stories online. Here are some of the spooky tails that I wanted to share with you.

1. Greyfriars Bobby

Statue of Bobby the dog of Greyfriars

John Gray, upon arriving in Edinburgh with his family in 1850, took on a Night Watchman position in the Edinburgh Police Force. To keep him company on the long nights trudging the streets John got a Skye Terrier called Bobby. They became a familiar sight, man and dog, always together through rain or shine.

8 years later John died of TB and was buried in Greyfriars Kirkyard. Bobby refused to leave his master’s grave despite often grim weather. Despite many attempts by the gardener and groundskeeper to evict Bobby they ended up making a shelter for him beside John Gray’s grave.

Bobby’s devotion captured hearts and led to his fame. Crowds would gather on a daily basis to see him trot out from his shelter every day at 1pm for his meal at the local Coffee House he used to frequent with John.

Bobby stayed at his master’s graveyard for the next 14 years, until his own death in 1872. The people of Edinburgh were so moved by Bobby’s life that they erected a statue to honour him, which was unveiled in 1873.
To this day there are many reports of people hearing Bobby’s bark and even some have claimed to see him, still guarding John Gray’s grave.

2. Morris the Cat

Morris the Ghost Cat

The 1886 Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas is considered one of the most haunted hotels in America. There are reports of all sorts of supernatural events and sightings but the one that captures me the most is of Morris the Cat.

Over 50 years ago Morris, a golden tabby become an unofficial guest greeter in the hotel. The owners made a cat door for him in the end. He died in 2000 but is seen in his favourite chair, passing through the rose garden (where he is buried) or roaming the hotel’s halls until this day.

3. Preston the Boxer 

Preston the Boxer Dog

Every Halloween, Preston the Boxer dog is reported to make an appearance out on the streets of Nashville’s Belmont Hisboro neighbourhood.  Apparently Preston is a helpful spirit with an intention to protect trick or treaters as they go door to door. The story goes that he died while protecting a child on Halloween night many years ago, shoving him out of the way of a vehicle, and since then continues his good work.

People have claimed to be nudged out of the road by his presence, avoiding cars or even heard his protective barks. Residents even leave the odd dog biscuit out for him as a thank you.

4. Leona, the Terrier of the Holly Hotel

Terrier on hotel bed

Another haunted hotel, The Historic Holly Hotel in Michigan lays claim to being the most notorious sites of paranormal activity. Alongside reports of mysterious cigar smoke, perfume and ghostly voices are the sightings of Leona, the terrier who belonged to the hotel’s original owner Mr Hirst in the 1920’s. Leona is often seen running down the halls and brushing up against people’s legs. Chefs on the breakfast shift have reported hearing her bark to welcome them.

5. Seamus the Pub Cat

Pub Cat

The Snickleway Inn in York, UK has a long history dating from the 15th Century. Previously it was the Angler’s Arms and before that a brothel and even a gunpowder storehouse. Such a varied history has apparently resulted in quite a few apparitions including Mrs Tulliver and her tomcat Seamus. 

Seamus makes his presence felt by rubbing up against the legs of unsuspecting drinkers, not too bad a way to be haunted if you ask me!


These pet ghost stories and most others I came across seem to be indicative of how loyal and connected to a place or person each cat or dog was, which I find more heartwarming than spooky. What about you? Would you be freaked out by a phantom cat brushing against your leg or just disappointed that you don't get to have a cuddle?

Have you had any ghostly pet experiences or know someone that has? I’d love to know if you are happy to share your story.

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