Wool & Water Wedding Shoot Part 1: London

Wool & Water Wedding

On a very cold but bright February day in London, some incredibly brilliant people came together to create a W&W Street Style Wedding shoot with me and I am so excited to finally share a snippet of the results of everyone's hard work.

Wool & Water Wedding

                         Wool & Water Wedding    

Wool & Water Wedding

Wool & Water Wedding

  With enormous thanks to:

Photographer: Paul Johnson

Make Up Artist: Jess Clarke

Models: Lisa McDonald, Geoff Breton, Eloise Joseph & Emily Jordan-Patrikios

Production Assistant: Lisa Dwyer Hogg          


Skinny Tie

Featuring: The Fitzgerald, The Pink Marl Bow Ties, The Mint/Pine Skinny Tie, The Green & Pink & Blue & Blue & Red Suspenders.

I am already planning a second shoot here in Amsterdam which will portray another two couples - equal representation is very important to W&W - in the beautiful second city I call home.

I will be adding colour palettes and customisation examples to the new Wedding page - where you can see more of the imagery from the shoot. l am already looking forward to creating special pieces for you and your loved ones.

Just before I sign off I want to sincerely acknowledge how important and appreciated all the help people give to make this stuff happen is to me. W&W is an indie brand through & through, which means that there are no investors, no budgets just me putting whatever W&W makes back into it to keep on growing. I could not do half the things I turn out without the incredible generosity, talents and enthusiasm of so many people and all YOUR support by sharing, supporting & cheerleading.

Thank you & Stay Curious!

Alice x

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