Who Knew!?


I recently learnt who the biggest wool producers in the world were and I was surprised. I always thought New Zealand was the biggest producer, mainly because they always seem to be represented by images of sheep, well that and Lord of The Rings but there we go, China it is!

I source my wool from a supplier in Bury who buys up all the end lots from the major fashion houses such as Burberry, Pringle, Missoni etc. That means the quality is high, the colours varied but also means each kilo is limited. Once a colour is gone, it's gone!

I really enjoy the fact that W&W contributes to using what some fashion houses see as waste and I get to turn it into unexpected knitwear like the Bow Ties. And the fact I only make 25 of every piece works well around my limited supply.

I am visiting my supplier next week with a rainbow-esque wish list and will post pictures of my visit because his little mill shop is to be seen to be believed. It is  jam packed with yarn of all fibres! The first time I went I was so overwhelmed I had to have a cup of tea before I could even start trying to take it all in.

Stay Curious!


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