Merry Christmas & Thank You!


Dear Friends,

Just a little note on the evening of Christmas Eve to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a healthy, happy 2017.

I am typing this as I sit beside our little tree covered in a range of decorations from some of my favourite fellow designer makers and feeling grateful and proud of the year that has almost now past. We are spending Christmas here in Amsterdam and I'm already enjoying the wind-down since my last market and crazy knit rush to make the final shipping days in time.

It was a mad, bad and dangerous to know year for so many people worldwide but as much as the world appears to have got scarier, the refusal and resistance to discrimination and ignorance seems to be burning brighter than ever before and for that I am very appreciative and hopeful.

In the world of unexpected knitwear, this year was W&W's 3rd year of business and it was marvellous, in large part to all of you. It felt like the work, the foundations were starting to support something very exciting. This year I made a considerable amount of Bespoke pieces for people's weddings and most opted for personalised embroidery of names/dates to make it extra special. This meant so much to me, to create something that people chose to be part of such a special day is the highest compliment.

I also launched a second collection of Pet Bow Ties owing to the popularity of that funny idea I came up with in 2014 while looking at one of my cats as I made a Bow Tie. Now I regularly receive pictures from all over the world of cats and dogs of all sizes and colours in their W&W Bow Ties and every time it makes me smile with pride.

Another highlight this year was The Print Collection which were so wonderfully embraced by two new stockists, Stumper & Fielding (London) and the IAmsterdam Store in Centraal Station (Amsterdam).

New retailers, new customers and of course the always interesting Curious Interview series. Having launched the series this year it has included such a wide and varied range of curious and creative people from musicians, dancers, artists, stylists and bloggers. I am already so excited to share next year's editions with you!

As you may know I am taking a little knit break in January, I need to put the needles down and refresh my brain. 

There is a lot I want to achieve in 2017 and so I want to recharge before embarking into the next phase of this rabbit hole adventure.

I already have several new ideas to develop and eventually share with you...however the finished designs and ranges turn out I promise they will continue to be unexpected and gender neutral knitwear.

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas - Stay Curious!

Alice xx

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