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Raspberry Pink Suspenders / Bretels

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Product Description

Raspberry Pink Suspenders / Bretels

...to match your Raspberry Beret

Wool & Water Suspenders (also known as Braces, Bretels and Bretelles depending on where you lay your hat) are knit to order by me (Hi, I'm Alice) in Cotton & Elastic. Each pair of Suspenders feature a contrast coloured back section - ensuring that you keep turning heads even when leaving the room.

All Wool & Water Knitted Suspenders are adjustable & available in a range of designs. This Raspberry Pink design features a Mint Green back section and is designed to lift your spirits and brighten all those who can't help but notice your curious, creative style.

Each pair of Suspenders / Bretels are handmade to order & have hidden elastic strapping ensuring the all important SNAP back when wearing.

Matching Bow Ties are also available, have a peek here

With only 25 made of each design, each pair of Suspenders is a limited edition piece and comes with it's specific number clearly indicated on the box.

Please note that you are purchasing a uniquely handmade pair of Suspenders / Bretels so please allow 2-4 days for me to knit your piece before it is dispatched.

All Wool & Water pieces are shipped gift wrapped without any visible prices. Please specify in the order notes (in shopping cart) if you would like a personalised message sent with your Bow Tie, Suspenders, Tie or Mini Bow Tie Necklace / Lapel Pin order.

Custom and personalised options are also available, just drop me an email via the contact page. 

Individuality is in the details... 

See images for nickel adjustor & hook fastener.


This is a UNISEX product, suitable for all - the Suspenders may come in a box but I have no interest in putting you in one. 

Shipping & Returns

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Normale prijs
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  • Handmade in Amsterdam

    Handmade in Amsterdam

    Each pair of suspenders are carefully handmade by me in my garden studio in Amsterdam.

  • Unique Design

    Unique Design

    A unique twist on a sartorial classic, these knitted suspenders are not just innovative but super comfortable.

  • Sustainably Made

    Sustainably Made

    I knit with beautiful sustainable yarns, many of which are deadstock from major fashion houses.

  • Statement Piece

    Statement Piece

    Suspenders are a gender neutral accessory that can be easily styled up or down, but always turn heads.

  • "Highly Recommend!"


    These suspenders surpassed my expectations on every level. I own two really nice pairs, Ralph Lauren and Canali. These match the quality of the designer craftsmanship. The textile is very high quality and isn't something I have ever seen before!

    - Kenneth T.