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PRIDE Rainbow Suspenders / Bretels

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Product Description

Call them Suspenders, Braces, Bretels or Bretelles, however you identify them, they can do more than keep your trousers up. Pop a pair of my beautifully knitted Pride Rainbow Suspenders on and feel your spirits and confidence lift.

The PRIDE Suspenders are knitted in beautiful, sustainable yarns, stylish and quirky. Designed to make a style statement, however big or small, you choose.  Pair them with jeans and a t-shirt or serve a more tailored, dapper look with a shirt and slacks. However you wear them, prepare for compliments, snaps and praise.

  • Only 50 made of each design
  • Knit to order in sustainable yarns and elastic
  • Hidden elastic strapping to ensure they are both stretchy and secure
  • Handmade to order and individually boxed
  • Nickel clips and adjustors

Shipping & Returns

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Normale prijs
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  • Handmade in Amsterdam

    Handmade in Amsterdam

    Each pair of suspenders are carefully handmade by me in my garden studio in Amsterdam.

  • Unique Design

    Unique Design

    A unique twist on a sartorial classic, these knitted suspenders are not just innovative but super comfortable.

  • Sustainably Made

    Sustainably Made

    I knit with beautiful sustainable yarns, many of which are deadstock from major fashion houses.

  • Statement Piece

    Statement Piece

    Suspenders are a gender neutral accessory that can be easily styled up or down, but always turn heads.

  • "Highly Recommend!"


    These suspenders surpassed my expectations on every level. I own two really nice pairs, Ralph Lauren and Canali. These match the quality of the designer craftsmanship. The textile is very high quality and isn't something I have ever seen before!

    - Kenneth T.