Wool & Water for Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam

W+K Yarn Bomb

3 days prep & design, 58+ hours of knitting, 7.5 hours installation and Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam has officially been yarn bombed by Wool & Water! 

W+K Plain RailW+K Yarn Bomb

I have spent some time at W+K Amsterdam, got to know the good and creative people there and secretly approached the powers that be about yarn bombing their enormous wooden handrail, an official commission later plus carte blanche in terms of brief and I set to work.

W+K Yarn Bomb
W+K Yarn BombW+K Yarn Bomb

The majority of the agency had no idea it was in the planning as I wanted to keep the spirit of the secretive yarn bomb vibe alive. I love that yarn bombing is intended as a gift to those discovering it as much as to it's environment.

The brief I set myself was to create an unexpected knitwear piece that not only became a curious design feature in their imaginative and innovative agency but a piece that would enhance the functionality of the handrail in a creative way.

W+K Yarn Bomb

I knitted it entirely in Lambswool, Cashmere and Merino ensuring it became something luxurious and welcoming to touch. I wanted it to be bold, graphic and ever changing to encourage engaged movement whether that be up or down the stairs to see all the variations of colour and panelling.

W+K Yarn Bomb

I am really proud of it and hope all at W+K Amsterdam are enjoying discovering it today as they go about their working days.

W+K Yarn Bomb

Stay Curious!

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