Knitting Student Spotlight #1

As you may know I also teach both hand knitting and hand powered domestic machine knitting and I love it. I thrive off sharing the knit addiction and helping people discover they are capable of learning a skill they often thought beyond them.

Amongst my current students is Catalina, who is from Romania and in Amsterdam for a short work sponsored trip of 3 months. She had always wanted to learn to knit and thought the winter in a new city would be the perfect opportunity so contacted me after finding me on Google.

We are about to embark on our last lesson, an add-on lesson as she wants to learn circular knitting before she returns to Bucharest. She has absolutely caught the 'bug' and nothing, nothing makes me happier than seeing someone take to knitting full force.

For our most recent lesson (shaping techniques & pattern reading) Catalina excitedly showed me all she had done in the 2 week break we had while I was in London acting and my goodness it was a wonderful haul. It included; cabling, moss stitch, bee stitch and some baby booties! So I wanted to share it and shine a little spotlight on her, her new skills and her enthusiasm because what teacher doesn't love and appreciate that!?


In fact I am going to start doing this regularly with all you lovely people who I teach so prepare for your close up! I may even contact some you who have since finished your lessons with me because pretty much all of you have become great knitters with your own passions for yarn, stitches and patterns and I ruddy love being a part of your creative adventure. 

If you are interested in learning to Knit (and live in Amsterdam) then click here for all the info & get in touch!

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