Bon Voyage Curious Knits!

Today is a big day, a big shipping day as the orders from the new London retailers head off for their new homes in East and West London!

I will be sharing all the details with you soon, where you can find them and who these new fabulous stores are - and they really are fabulous, I am so excited and proud to have Wool & Water in them. I have been knitting non stop in between learning lines for the Holby City episode I am currently filming and of course knitting the online orders.

It's always in the packing up of a large order that I feel such pride, so much knitting and so much happiness & curiosity knitted into each piece - who will they end up on, where and what occasion will they participate in. How many conversations will be sparked because of them? 

Luckily I am also headed to London tomorrow for just over a week to finish filming and I am hoping to find time in my schedule to pop by each store and take some pictures so I can share them with you and all the information.

An additional exciting element is that one of the stores will be the only London location to have the new Print Bow Tie collection which I will be revealing exclusively on the newsletter with a preview shopping period for those that are in the Mailing List crew.

All designs will eventually be available to buy here on the website but if you want to see & feel them in person you'll have to head to West London...

So bon voyage curious knits, safe & speedy travels and enjoy your new homes from home!

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