The Curious Interview: Rogues + Brogues

Rogues & Brogues for Wool & Water

Ian Megrath aka Rogues + Brogues blogs about all things that he enjoys and explores as a modern day Dapper gent from his Belfast base. His posts cover; fashion, style, coffee, yoga and grooming products not to mention some thoughtful personal insights into his everyday life.

R+B has been an early supporter of Wool & Water, sharing tweets and posts and often posting lovely comments that are immensely appreciated when you've closed your eyes tightly and finally sent something you made out into the world for judgement. So when it came to selecting interesting individuals for the Curious Interviews he was top of my list.

The Curious Interview with Rogues + Brogues

What are you most curious about?

Nature, how it creates and destroys. I am fascinated by and love to explore derelict buildings that are being reclaimed by the wild. Contrasting my love of the city with my love of the countryside where I grew up just creates endless experiences.

How does your curiosity serve your creativity?

I don't believe you can be creative without curiosity. Without curiosity you would never try anything new and therefore never have new experiences, feelings and ideas to spark your creativity. My curiosity has led me to develop my blog by trying new experiences (such as dipping my toes into the world of yoga at 34 years of age) and helping me grow as a blogger and writer.


What inspires you?

My fiancé, my friends and my family. They encourage and inspire me in my blog, in my style and in my life.

How would you describe your style?

Adaptable but wearable. I can switch from casual streetwear to preppy dandiness but think/hope that I can carry off what I have worn. My blog was created to help the everyman develop and expand their personal style by trying new looks. I have said that with my build, stature and age that I if I can find clothes that fit, make me confident and
comfortable then any one can.


What do you particularly enjoy about Wool & Water?

The passion. This is evident from the handcrafted nature of the ties. You can tell there is creativity and style poured into each tie. By limiting the number produced, each range is kept exclusive and therefore, special.

‘When I wear my Wool & Water Bow Tie I…’

...feel I have achieved my childhood dream of becoming a librarian (or my teenage dream of becoming Giles from Buffy).

Rogues + Brogues' Wool & Water Bow Tie of choice is 'The Fitzgerald'.

You can keep up to date with the stylish adventures of Rogues + Brogues via his blog and Instagram: @roguesandbrogues / Twitter: @roguesnbrogues

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