Who Should Wear a Bow Tie?

A british indian man with vitiligo wears a short sleeved white shirt, grey patterned knitted tie and butterscotch yellow suspenders

Bow ties offer a timeless charm that can add a touch of sophistication and personality to any outfit. Bow ties are a classic accessory that has been a staple of menswear for centuries, but the question remains: who should wear a bow tie? And further more when to wear a bow tie and when not to?  That’s the question this blog post will seek to answer, and clarify when and how to use a bow tie to make a impactful impression in a variety of situations.

When Not to Wear a Bow Tie

While bow ties are undeniably visually intriguing, especially a Wool & Water knitted bow tie, there are moments when wearing one might not prove to be the best style choice. For example, in extremely casual events like a beach party or a workout session, a bow tie is more likely to come across as confusingly formal and possibly even concerning! In general, when engaging in physical activities or any form of manual labor, I recommend skipping adding a bow tie to your look to avoid discomfort or damage. Save that style injection for an appreciative scenario.

a black man wears a white shirt and cream knitted bow tie with black martini glass motifs and cream knitted suspenders

At the other end of the social scale, I don’t personally recommend wearing a bow tie if the event or dress code specifically requests something else, such as a tuxedo with a regular necktie. When it comes to overtly formal occasions, or specific dress codes, you may opt to respect the formality of the occasion and follow the dress code. After all, a dress code is there to set a tone that the host or hostess has determined.

Is It OK to Wear a Bow Tie?

Absolutely! Wearing a bow tie is not just reserved for formal events or black-tie affairs. In fact, choosing to add an interesting bow tie to your everyday look has become increasingly popular. It’s a perfect opportunity to assist you in sharing your unique style and personality. Whether you're heading to a wedding, a business meeting, or a casual dinner with friends, a carefully selected bow tie can be a whimsical and quirky addition to your outfit, and a guaranteed conversation starter.

A cream and autumnal coloured knitted bow tie lies surrounded by pine cones and acorns

There are many great things about bow ties, but one I want to particularly highlight is their versatility. Of course I consider my own knitted, small batch bow ties a superior choice but let’s not overlook the fact that bow ties are available in a wide range of colours, patterns, and fabrics. This variety of choice makes it easy to find the bow tie, or bow ties, that suit your personal style, the occasion and the statement you want to make. The key to donning a bow tie with confidence is to wear it proudly and coordinate it with the rest of your look, in a way that speaks to you and your personality.

Is It Better to Wear a Bow Tie or No Bow Tie?

When it comes to choosing between wearing a bow tie or not really depends on your desired look and the personal statement you want to convey. A bow tie can instantly elevate your outfit and, with a Wool & Water design in particular, make a memorable impression. A bow tie speaks to the wearer’s confidence and attention to detail. It is a considered choice and as such will always spark curiosity.

On the other hand, choosing to not wear a bow tie can help convey a more relaxed and informal vibe. There are always those events where we either appreciate the confidence boost a bow tie brings to our energy and equally some days where being a wallflower suits a need to conserve social energy.

Everyone’s interpretation of how to approach casual outings or events is different, sometimes even from day to day. Choosing to wear a bow tie or not is ultimately all about the image you want to project and the energy you have to respond to people with.

Sean Connery as James Bond wearing a black bow tie and tuxedo

When considering a bow tie, iconic figures like James Bond or Winston Churchill spring to mind—both known for their assertive confidence and impeccable style, often featuring bow ties. They used this classic accessory to stand out, express their personality, their confidence and make a lasting impression.

Is It OK to Wear a Bow Tie to a Job Interview?

The appropriateness of wearing a bow tie to a job interview depends on the company's culture and the role you're applying for. In some creative or fashion-forward industries, a bow tie can demonstrate your creativity and attention to detail, especially a knitted bow tie, making you memorable to the interviewers.

A British Indian man with vitiligo wears a white shirt and red knitted bow tie

However, in more conservative or corporate settings, it can often be safer to opt for a traditional necktie. Research the company's dress code and culture beforehand to determine the best interview style choice. If you're uncertain, you can always reach out to the HR department to ask them for a dress code summary or check the company's website or social media.

Remember, the objective when dressing for a job interview is to present yourself as a professional who aligns with the company's values and expectations. Your choice of attire should enhance your qualifications, the energy you will bring to the company and leave a positive impression.

My Bow Tie Recommendations

This would not be a Wool & Water blog post without my own personal bow tie recommendations, so for occasions that tread a fine line between formal and informal, consider options like the Butterscotch Yellow Bow Tie or the Delft Blue Bow Tie.

A butterscotch yellow knitted bow tie with it's strap in a circle behind the bow

A white knitted bow tie with blue delftware pottery style pattern


These bow tie designs blend classic style with a contemporary twist and touch of individuality, allowing you to stand out while maintaining a polished appearance. 

To {Bow} Tie it Up...

In the end, the question of who should wear a bow tie has a simple answer: anyone who embraces individual, eclectic style and isn't afraid to express themselves.

Bow ties can be an essential and hugely versatile addition to your wardrobe, suitable for a wide range of occasions. The key is to wear them confidently, match them appropriately, and consider using them to make the right impression in every situation.

So, whether you're heading to a creative job interview or a relaxed Sunday lunch, consider adding a bow tie to your outfit—it might just be the finishing touch you need to spark a great conversation, meet a new friend and make a lasting impression.

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