Exciting New Retailers!!

Delighted to share the news I have been sitting on for weeks now!! Wool & Water is now available in BOTH East & West London via Brick Lane's legendary The Laden Showroom and Portobello Road's famously Dapper Stumper & Fielding!!

I cannot tell you how proud and excited I am to have the Bow Ties, Braces & Skinny Ties at two such iconic locations in London. I look forward to seeing how they fare and hope to see even more pics from customers who have discovered my unexpected knitwear at either outlet.

The as yet un-released Print Bow Tie collection is currently & exclusively available from Stumper & Fielding so go have a peruse or sign up to the newsletter for an exclusive preview in the next week or so.

To find all W&W stockists just click here

Stay Curious!

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