The Curious Interview: Loux The Vintage Guru


Loux in Wool & Water

 What can you say about Loux the Vintage Guru that isn't instantly communicated by his on-point style? Lourens Gebhardt (Loux) is a style influencer, fashion designer and stylist based in Namibia and Johannesburg. His is a timeless style that captures attention and admiration, created by his curation of both vintage tailoring and contemporary details.

Having lent his uniquely personal style for various ad campaigns, media and photographers he was most recently shooting the African Dandy chapter for the iconic I Am Dandy Part Two by Rose Callaghan and Nathaniel Adams.

Loux perfectly embodies the Wool & Water philosophy that style is a communication of individuality and I am delighted to feature him as part of The Curious Interview series. I can also personally attest from our collaboration that Loux is sheer class both in style and attitude, he is a true Dapper gentleman.

Loux in Wool & Water

The Curious Interview with Loux the Vintage Guru

What are you most curious about?

I am curious about new ideas, new projects and their challenges, how to deal with them and overcome them. Especially where fashion, styling and designs are concerned.

How does your curiosity serve your creativity?

Once my curiosity and interest is engaged, I create a mood board in my mind on how I can develop my next styling and fashion project. Visualising new ideas, enables me to develop and execute them. When I see the work of others in the fashion industry, I get inspired and I walk around collecting mood board ideas to come up with a concept that may also be influential to others.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by educated people with a vision, people who are self-employed, successful entrepreneurs.  I am particularly inspired by Mr Lino Ieluzzi, an Italian fashion icon who owns a shop called Al Bazar. He is a reflection of a true style icon and gentleman. His fashion ideas makes me want to work harder and improve where I lack.

How would you describe your style?

I would describe my style as SOPHISTICATED PUNK, a mixture of both vintage and class.

What do you particularly enjoy about Wool & Water?

I like that Wool & Water's handmade pieces are a unique set of art in modern times. They have a perfect design and are beautifully stitched. I like the use of colour, the natural fibres used. I favour handmade items as they bring originality to a look.

When I wear my Wool & Water Bow Tie I...

...feel classic and well respected. It makes me feel good and boosts my self esteem.

Loux's Wool & Water Bow Tie of choice is 'The Carroll'.

Loux in Wool & Water 

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With thanks to the photographer Tonys Houz

See/Feel the full Print Collection in person at Stumper & Fielding (London) and the IAmsterdam Store, Centraal Station (Amsterdam).

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