Amsterdam Wedding Shoot: Wes & Matthew

 Wool & Water Wedding

After such a fun Street Style Wedding Shoot in London earlier this year I knew I wanted to organise another one in Amsterdam, not only to represent the city in which I live now and where each piece is actually made but because it was incredibly important to me that the combined Wool & Water Wedding Shoots represent all couples.

Finding Wes & Matthew was such a wonderful example of serendipity as they had very recently got engaged! They are a US couple who live in Amsterdam with their dog Duke and cat Harvey and are just starting the planning of their wedding which will likely be celebrated in two parts, one being in Amsterdam.

Wool & Water Wedding Amsterdam

So with my fingers crossed I approached them with my own proposal, would they be up for modelling for Wool & Water and in turn they could use some of the imagery as an engagement shoot? I was delighted when they not only agreed but requested that their dog Duke join them in a W&W Bow Wow Tie for some of the shots - the equivalent of a sundae with cream & a cherry on top!

Wool & Water Wedding Amsterdam

Wes & Matthew are such a lovely couple and their connection and bond shines through every shot we took, it was a real honour getting to spend time with them. Their enthusiasm and open attitude towards the whole experience was enormously appreciated and I cannot help but smile at every image from the shoot. Aren't they gorgeous?

Wool & Water Wedding Amsterdam

Wes wore the Pink/Green Suspenders & Grey Marl Bow Tie

Matthew wore the Blue Textured Skinny Tie

Duke wore the Magenta Bow Wow Tie

I will be sharing more images from this shoot & the other pair  (Sam & Dan) who modelled for me so you know...stay curious!

Wool & Water Wedding Amsterdam

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